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Not quite Barbados…

You know that feeling when you really fancy an ice cream. You get all worked up, you can taste it in your mouth already, it’s all creamy and soft; The peaks take turns to escape down your chin because you weren’t quick enough to catch them before they melted!Only it’s not just an ice cream its the whole atmosphere you soak up.The sun, the sand the crisp salty sea air and the palm trees, that make it the holiday of your dreams!

But first you must find the path to the beach, through the woods, the trees that all look the same. The dirt tracks that seem to go on forever. Finally you come to a clearing; a junction where the path splits in two but there is no sign post to guide you on your way. You must choice which way to go. This choice is your destiny.

This is what’s it like for many parents of children with extra needs. They might be physically or mentally obvious or not so obvious. They all have one thing is common. The path they walked did not lead to the beach ,the ice cream bar, the runny ice cream or the sand carelessly trickling between their toes. It led to a wooden gate, to a field; a farmyard with cows and sheep and chickens. Very beautiful, lots to explore and learn. It may not be everything they dreamed of but it can still be as good if not better.

As a mother of a young person with complex needs this is our life. Exploring learning, challenges and turning over old rocks. Welcome to our world and my blogs. I hope you enjoy your stay,

Miss PiggyWiggy mama and the amazingly witty, loud but often shy self propelled ball of awesomeness!

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